The Mets came into Game 3 looking for a sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, and that’s exactly what they got. New York’s John Maine, who struck out 4 different St. Louis Cardinals (Rolen 1, Molina 1, Duncan 2, Wilson 2), pitched an excellent game, and didn’t give up a hit until the 5th inning, when Scott Rolen (who turned 32 today) hit a single up over center field.

Pujols grounded out 3 times in the game, as well as a questionable strikeout in the bottom of the 9th inning, as the Cardinals were down with two outs. Thinking he was walked on a breaking ball, Albert started to take first base, however, he had to hear the dreadful “strrrrrrrrrrike” behind him from the umpire. Taking a seat at the dugout, So Taguchi pinched hit for Scott Rolen, and grounded out to end the game, securing the New York Mets sweep of my beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

Braden Looper made his first start. How did he do? Well, not as bad as people would usually think of the guy. He actually pitched great, compared to his old standards as he pitched as a reliever. He struck out Carlos Beltran early in the game and held the Mets scoreless until the top of the sixth inning, as Beltran hit a two-run shot to break the 0-0 tie to give the Mets its 2-0 lead. Now I wouldn’t blame the game on Looper, because when you’re sitting in the dugout, looking up at the scoreboard, and seeing the “0-0”, you emotionally get drained, and that’s definitely a factor in what happened to him. He really attacked the strike zone, got the ball inside, and really got in on left-handers, and even got aggressive at Beltran, making him pop out, as like said, strike out as well. After Beltran homered in the top of the 6th. We put Hancock in the game, and Beltran homered off of him in the top of the 7th.

We started Preston Wilson in right field tonight, in hopes that he would make some plays, and not cause anything to go wrong. However, he went 0-4, striking out two times, as well as misplaying a ball in right, as he was under a fly pop-up, that was shifting with the wind, as it went aside to his left, and the Mets’ scored in two runs. A moment later, Moises Alou hit a shot down the left field line, and gave the Mets a 9-0 lead, padding it on. New York went on another scoring jack in the 8th inning even more than before, and finished off the Cards scoring the 10 runs. The Cards stalled out in the bottom of the 8th, and went to the top of the 9th.

Coming out for the 9th was Jason Isringhausen. After an awfully bad season last year, we still had our hopes of him in the closing spot this year. He came into the 9th, and pitched a 1-2-3 inning. Of course, that’s about the only thing to say positive about this game, but it’s a + as a positive integer right? Yes mam/sir, it is! That is the only thing that I’ve been able to of gotten excited about for the game, or the whole series that matter. Right now, all I really want to do, is go down to Minute Maid Park, and watch Adam Wainwright grab his first W in his first start of the season against the Houston Astros. Now that would be very nice, after this dreadful 0-3 start we’re beginning to post this season. I’m definitely excited for some more games. It’s not panic time yet, especially since we have only lost to a team that won 95 regular season games last year. The Mets are the class of the National League, and I’m definitely not embarrassed to lose. I’m just embarrassed on how the Cardinals lost. I’ve just been very upset over the whole series, and it’s sad to see how we only scored 2 runs in 3 games compared to the Mets’ 20 runs. They scored ten times the amount runs as we did.

Next Game
Cardinals @ Astros
Wainwright vs. Rodriguez


4 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders….well, almost!

  1. Wow they better get the outfield in order and fast or it’s gonna be an adventure every night . I love how everyone wants to blame the lights even my girlfriend who is a Cards fan is like it’s the lights …… no it’s not the lights the outfielders are just mediocre

  2. I don’t think it’s the lights. I think it’s pure laziness from the outfields to get over and make a fairly routine play. It’s getting ridiculous here lately. So Taguchi had problems in left field on Opening Night, giving up two runs. Skip Schumacher has problems last night, misplaying a ball just like Taguchi, giving up 1 run. Then there was tonight — Preston Wilson misplays a ball that should have been easily catchable, yet it falls to the grass, left of him. We have our left field figured out with Duncan, who made his outings tonight, and done his part of the deal. Now we need to focus on right field, and find out who we need to get over there to play some defense, and not allow the other team to score runs so easily off of balls that were hit basically right to the fielder.

  3. As much as it pains me to say it, Looper did well tonight. Yes, he made a mistake. But it was only 2 runs, and that shouldn’t kill you. The bully was terrible, as was the fielding (so all three scrub outfielders gained infamy this series. Hooray!) and the hitting. The Cardinals better get their act together in Houston, or it’ll be interesting.

    Also, I get the feeing the Cards haven’t shaken off the “we won the World Series” rust yet. They better realize everybody is gunning for them, especially a Mets team that felt they were the rightful NL Champs.

  4. One quick thought: I don’t think Preston Wilson will be with the team past the All-Star break. He had a pretty bad Spring, and hasn’t gotten any better thus far this season (even though there’s only been 3 games, with him appearing on 2.)

    By the way, thanks for the comments Derek and Eddiebear. Always appreciated.

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