Game 1 was simply put: Disappointing. There wasn’t much to say about it except dominating. Tom Glavine came out and pitched like no one in New York thought he’d pitch. It was only the first game of the season, so I wasn’t expected a spectacular game, however, I was expecting a win, and we didn’t meet those standards. Carpenter struggled, we couldn’t get on base much until the 4th. We still struggled even after that in being inconsistent.

However, the credit to the New York Mets is due. It’s not that we sucked, it’s just that the Mets were better on Sunday night. Like I said, all the credit in the world, due to them, in the first game. I don’t really blame them for fighting hard for the victory — they had to watch the 2006 World Series championship banner be lifted right under the American flag. Something that they had a chance to play for, yet they just weren’t the best team in the playoffs when it came down to it thanks to two key injuries (however, injuries don’t validate things like this.)

Eckstein had a hit, leading off the game, in the bottom of the first. Carpenter pitched a 1-2-3 in the top of the first. The Mets came back, and scored some runs. Later on in the game, while the Mets were up 3-0, So Taguchi misplayed a ball in deep left, and it went over his head, bouncing off the left field wall, as the Mets increased the lead to 5-0. In the bottom of the third, Adam “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” Kennedy (sorry, I had to have a Chris Berman moment with the Marilyn Monroe (RIP) reference) hit a triple to deep center and we looked to be on a mini-comeback (this was during the Mets’ 2-0 lead.) However, Chris Carpenter came up, and Kennedy took a little too big of a lead, Carpenter bunted, and Kennedy was tagged out at third by [David] Wright. Eckstein, then, came up to the plate, and flew out to left.

We loaded the bases two times. Prior to the first time, Eckstein was running home, and Beltran made an unlikely throw to the plate, to throw him out. The game was just one that the Mets were going to, and destined to win. As we had the bases loaded, Molina came up with 2 outs, and popped it out to short for [Jose] Reyes to snatch. The second time we had the bases loaded, it was a similar on-base scenario. Pujols was walked. Rolen came up with 1 out, and grounded into a double play for the Mets to save the inning. Brilliant pitching by Tom Glavine does this for them ol’ Mets.

Now it’s no time to scream, or anything. It was Opening Day. This kinda stuff usually happens every year, and you don’t see a team just go all-out close on the first day. There’s 161 more to go, and I’m not worried a bit. Carpenter? He’ll be a fine. He has a defense behind him, and a great (defensive) catcher in Yadier Molina. I’m not worried one bit about Carp, because he’s a proven winner (once again, big thanks to that defense.) However, I can’t the same thing for Looper and Wells (even though Kippy had a 0.00 ERA in Spring Training.)

Game Notes
The first pitch (useless stat, so what?) of the season resulted in a ball
Jose Reyes was the first man to be picked off. Yes sir, by the Cardinals.
I was a very angry Cardinals fan.

Next Game
Tuesday night. Mets in Busch. Hernandez vs. Wells.

Pujols gets his first hit of the season.


4 thoughts on “Bases Bloated

  1. Is it just me, or is the DeWitt Care experiment of having the equivalent of the Junior Varsity Team play the outfield (Taguchi and Shumacher) not doing so well? Granted, it’s only 2 games, but it’s never too early to panic.

  2. It was just beyond me, on Opening Day, that Taguchi was started over Duncan. It ultimately ended up hurting us, defensively (and offensively; but more defensively) when Taguchi misplayed the ball hit deep to left, as it bounced off the wall, and scored two runs for the Mets. Also, Skip Schumacher did the same thing last night, in game 2 of the series. However, with Juan Encarnacion being out, we needed someone to fill in that spot, and we gave Skippy a chance. I just look back at the Brewers’ 5-0 start from last season, and keep that in mind to our so-far so-bad start this year.

  3. True. But sports fans need something to gripe about. If we get run out of Houston, then I think it’s time to hit the panic button. But as much as I hate to say it, this team only won 83 regular season games last year. Lets just hope the Central is as weak as last year.

  4. No doubt we sure do need to hope, as well as hope as this bullpen can hold up this season! I mean, tonight, I don’t know if it was that Mets’ lineup, or the bullpen giving up a load of runs. I’m also worried about our lineup. I mean, it’s something indescribable when they can only muster out two runs in three games. It just makes me scared of what’s to come for this weekend against Houston. I’m excited to see how Wainwright pitches, but after the 6th/7th innings, I’m weary of what we’ll see out of this bullpen. Hopefully that this series against the Mets was just a series that you look back and say, “heh, they won 95 games last year, and have a great team, what’s their to be disappointed in?” Unfortunately, there’s a lot.

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