Just got done from watching the Civil Rights game aka the final Spring Training game featuring the Cleveland Indians and my St. Louis Cardinals. Now I’ve had an HDTV since September, but never got a good in-depth look at games then on it. Today, I got a great spectacular look from the set, and it looks really nice. The colors are crisp, and it looks overall better from my old standard television set.

I live in Virginia so obviously I’m not exactly in Cardinals’ county. Fortunately, I have DirecTV, and just phoned them up on Thursday to order MLB Extra Innings  so I can watch my Cards in beautiful HD this season. Hopefully following all 162 games, piece by piece. Of course, I will add a little thoughts here on my blog of some of those games, so look out.

Anyway, my boys are looking ready for Opening Day tomorrow. It’s great to see Albert hitting a towering solo jack. Also, Molina had 2 hits during the game. We won the game 5-1 so close out or ST. Waino pitched pretty well! It’s also nice to see him contribute to the offense as well as he had a single that knocked in two runs. I’ll be sure to add my thoughts on Mets/Cardinals Opening Day, on Monday afternoon or so! Seeya then.


2 thoughts on “Civil Rights Game

  1. You mean you’re just happy to see Puljos hit anything this spring right ? They looked ready good luck to you guys. Hey where in Va are you ? I used to live in Centreville back in 1992-1995 . I like it Northern Va is definitely a nice place to live would consider moving back

  2. Richlands, VA, located around the southwest region. Not a big fan of the surroundings or a lot of the people here, but it’s a nice little ol’ place to live a guess. There’s not much of anything to read in the news every day, and it’s basically a simple “country” life here in this area

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