The last two weeks people have been gathering up, and generating more opinions on Kobe Bryant. Most? They are great on the guy. However, there’s been an ongoing debate, increasing with more heat over the past two weeks thanks to Bryant. The debate? Kobe vs. Michael. Yes, Kobe Bryant versus Michael Jordan, still continuing over who’s the better player. And you know, it’s more guys that are big fans of Kobe Bryant, still trying to create tension between the two, and I just don’t get it, really. It’s obvious who’s better. I know who’s better, I have the facts to back it up, and the sole basketball knowledge to really provide my personal opinion. I’m not a Kobe fan, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to hate on the guy in this article over a few things.

My question to Kobe Bryant fans who are in favor for Kobe over MJ is, how can you actually hold that mindset? The mindset that makes you think Kobe Bryant is a better player than Michael Jordan, all-time? It’s a little asinine to hear that, for several reasons, basing on the matter of what MJ is known for. I think Bird, Abul-Jabaar, and Magic are all better players that you would be able to compare much more logical with Jordan. Most Kobe fans now in days, are young. They have probably only watched basketball the past 5-6 years. Is that long enough to know Kobe? Sure. Is that long enough to know Jordan? No! It’s the fact that Michael Jordan’s career ended following the 1998 Finals against the Jazz. Technically, it ended with the Wizards in 2003, but I don’t buy into that, since MJ was in his prime throughout the late 80’s, and sprung his game upwards in the 90’s. Most kids don’t understand that.

When you think of Kobe Bryant, the general basketball term that comes to mind is scoring. The scoring you picture in your mind of Kobe is a lot of jump shots, and the step back popper. When you think of Michael Jordan, you think of the greatest of all-time, his free-throw line dunk, and his clutch moments at the end of the game. What sets them apart? Leadership. Now you can go on and on and tell me about how Scottie Pippen served Michael Jordan like the bread crumb served the chirping bird. But I can tell you the same thing using Shaquille O’Neal as the verdict. When Jordan left to go play for the Chicago White Sox’s minor league baseball team, Pippen was left alone for three years. Pippen, in one season, won 55 games. However, he never made it to an Eastern Conference Finals without Michael Jordan. Shaquille O’Neal, when he left the Lakers, he went on to an Eastern Conference championship with the Heat, then in the next season, he went on to win his fourth title with the Miami Heat (along with rising star, Dwyane Wade.)

Maybe Shaq had Wade, but you can’t deny that he won another title. Has Kobe won a title without Shaq? No. Has MJ won a title without Pippen? No. Of course not, but what gives? Michael Jordan was the leader of the Bulls when he was on the court, and even off it, even on the bench, as a team cheerleader. Hell, Kobe Bryant, when Shaq was on the Los Angele Lakers’ team, wasn’t a leader. Why? Shaq was always considered the leader, and even shown it in the Lakers 3-peat of the early 2000’s. Michael Jordan, in every single Chicago Bulls’ championship, he took them to the next level himself and won 6 Finals’ MVPs. When the Bulls went to the Finals, you didn’t think they would win, you expected it, and no one outside of Seattle, Utah, or Phoenix (in different years) doubted them.

So who’s better between Kobe and Michael? I’ve settled it for myself. It’s Michael Jordan. Simply, the guy made his teammates better, which is something Kobe Bryant has not been able to do in his lone years in Los Angeles without Shaq. Granted, it’s only his third year without O’Neal, but that excuse is overused and is vague anymore in an unclear sense, since he’s had a legitimate amount of time around Lamar Odom (who’s considered a LA heir to Scottie Pippen.) The thing Bryant has been able to do, however, is get his teammates’ respect in the lockerroom, and become like an older brother to them. However, he hasn’t shown that same leadership poise on the court, and is more individual out there. Hence, you can’t blame him; when he passes the ball to his teammates, they pass the ball back just to watch him make a spectacular play. Though, passing the ball doesn’t equal leadership, and that is known to every knowledgable basketball fan. Leadership, in my mind, is of a player that can carry his team on his back, show them the way, the light, the glory, and everything meant to victory, and that added effort of exerting oneself, not even accepting a loss, and not backing down. A leader has it’s faults, but they work towards making those faults as non-existant as they can, and bringing their game to another level when it’s needed, and really comes through for it’s teammates, pushing them to the limit, making them as good as they can be — that’s what Michael Jordan was, a leader, a player. Kobe Bryant? A player, but not yet a leader.


29 thoughts on “Settling it all: Kobe vs. MJ

  1. Great blog. Nice views on sports, with your knowledge, you should be able to really be known one of these days with the humor you add, and the serious mixture of your sports opinions.

  2. wow! the 80’s vs today. rules have changed and highschool kids are jumping from the free throw. You can’t compare the 2. MJ was great in his days jumping past the Bird and Magic. Now Kobe has a lot more to deal with. Kobe isn’t trying to compare himself with MJ so why is everyone else doing it. Lets not forget how young Kobe is and when he matures, then you can really compare the 2. Scoring 50 in a row hitting 9 three pointers in a row, 63 in three quarters and 81 lets not even go there. As for the ball hog the MJ was guilty of that in his young career too. Kobe is not as Marketed as MJ either lets not forget that! One more thing when Shaq fouled out in the recent playoffs and championships who lead the way. re-watch the tapes. Its kinda of nice that this is being discussed in Kobe’s prime.

  3. Kobe is at the peak of his prime. He won’t get any better, and his game can only deteriorate as he gets older. What is he, 28 now? He’s turning 29 soon enough, and is headed on to being 30. I don’t care how many points he scores; that doesn’t even come close to the comparison between Kobe and MJ. It will always be what it is, Kobe will never be the all-around player/leader that Jordan was. It’s like you’d be saying you’d rather have the buffalo wings than the ribs. The buffalo wings come with the celery and blue cheese (Kobe & Lamar Odom). The ribs come with the fries (MJ and Pippen).

  4. I think it is fair to compare the two, especially if you seen both play in their primes. Kobe is not a very smart b-ball player. The talent is there, but the funamentals are not. He settles a lot of the time. He takes too many long jump shots. He went 2 for 8 in 3’s and was 13 for 33 from the field in this last game against the Suns. The Lakers are not that talented, but they need Kobe to be Big Time when it counts. The bottom line is that Kobe is Sometimes and not Big Time. It seems like ever since the finals against the Pistons in 2004, Kobe has lost his way.

    Now MJ on the other hand was Big Time all the time. In his early years he may not have had the help, but his teams were competitive and he came up big. And MJ took good, quality shots. He would also shut you down on D. Kobe is not shutting anyone down nowadays. Hell Kobe has trouble even running a fast break. I’m a die hard Laker fan and it saddens me to see Kobe disappear when we need him most. He has to learn that he doesn’t have to take every shot in the forth quarter. And it is not how many you score, but when you score.

    Kobe is not even in the same arena as MJ. Facts are facts. Just compare the stats. Man I wish the Lakers would have gotten D-Wade in that Shaq trade.

  5. Thanks for your input, Spok. I agree for the most part on what you say. Kobe isn’t the all-around player that NBA “experts” have a tendency to pronounce him as one. I believe that Kobe is the best individual player in the game, but lets look into this as a question. Which would you rather be? The best individual player in the game, playing on a bad team, averaging 35 points a night; or the best all-around player in the league per say Steve Nash?

    I’m a hardcore Boston Celtics fan. I love the Celtics. Always have. They are awful, but I love ’em.

    If Kobe could grasp onto a team concept style of play, it would really give dividends on his account. From the way he acts, he wants to be perceived as one of the greatest NBA players of all-time, but before he does that, he needs to re-focus himself, and learn a true gamestyle of team ball. If the Lakers can lure Garnett in over the Off-Season, teams will have a field day against Los Angeles’ triangle offense featuring Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett.

  6. I don’t agree that Kobe is the greatest individual player in the game. I don’t understand why people say that. He has tremendous talent, but if you don’t know what to do with it then you are wasting your time. Just compare MJ’s and Kobe’s FG %. Kobe needs to understand momentum. He tends to ruin the Lakers momentum by taking horrible shots and not passing the ball, especially in the 4th quarter. If he was the greatest individual talent in the league, the Lakers would have won more than 1 game against Phoenix. They had a good chance to win game 1, but Kobe took a lot of horrible shots. He didn’t give his team an oppurtunity. I’m not saying that they would of beat phoenix, but they would of won more games in the series. Do you think that MJ would of disappeared in crunch time playing against an inferior defense like Phoenix? MJ was unstoppable and it is evident that Kobe can be stopped. Ask the Detroit Pistons from 2004 when Tayshaun Prince shut Kobe down. Look at Kobe’s FG% in the 4th quarter of the Phoenix series. It was terrible. He disappears when it counts. I’ll take D-Wade over Kobe any day. I also believe he is a better individual player than Kobe. D-Wade is money in the 4th quarter, especially in big games. He was doing his thing even when they had Odom, Caron Butler and Eddie Jones.

    You are right when say he needs to grasp the team concept. It bothered me that after the series he talked about making changes. I think he should have kept that out of the media. He didn’t exactly play like a superstar. He needs to work on his leadership skills.

    I believe the Spurs are going to win the championship. I respect Duncan’s game too. I remember what he did to Phoenix in the 1997 playoffs as a rookie. They lost the series, but he was awesome. I knew he would be a star. But being a Laker fan, you know I don’t like San Antonio, but I do respect them as a team.

  7. You’re confusing the all-around play to individual play. What I’m saying is that I believe Kobe is the best individual player in today’s game. I didn’t say the greatest individual player, so I have no clue on how you got the idea to include Jordan in your argument.

    Secondly, Wade is a better all-around player than Kobe, not individually. If Wade was better than Kobe as an individual player, then explain why. Saying he’s a better passer isn’t into that argument. As an individual, it’s not about others/teammates, it’s about yourself, and Kobe is about himself — he scores by shooting or taking it to the basket. Wade is different, he’s all-around player. While he hasn’t gotten his jumpshot down just yet, he’s great at penetrating, passing to his teammates, and setting up the tempo – that’s all-around. Kobe is individual.

  8. I’m not confused at all. D-Wade can get any shot he wants on the basketball court. More importantly D-Wade can get to the basket more often than kobe. But we all know that D-Wade hurt is shoulder this year. Individually he is more unstoppable than Kobe. Kobe never willed his team to a NBA title. What did Shaq do in the Dallas series. What did shaq do in last years playoff. He had like 1 dominant game. He didn’t do anything. D-Wade took the entire series over. He made so many big shots. He has shown that he can put a team on his back without Shaq being dominate. Kobe has yet to show that. He sort of had his opportunity against the Pistons in 2004. I say this because Kobe tried to put the lakers on his back. However he didn’t come through. If you remember everyone was making a big deal about Kobe not passing to Shaq more in that series. Kobe missed shot after shot after shot. The same is true this year. When you say the best you have to talk about games that mean something too.

    I’m sorry if I don’t convey words very well, but I know what I’m talking about. Kobe is not the best individual player in the game. He disappears to much down the stretch of big games. You can even look at the head to head matchup between the Lakers and Heat since Shaq has been in Miami. Kobe has disappeared down the stretch way more than Wade. Look at that Christmas day game Shaq’s first year in miami. Shaq fouled out in that game and D-Wade out shined Kobe, leading the Heat to a victory in LA. He wasn’t passing in that game either. D-Wade was unstoppable.

    I’m a die hard Laker fan. Don’t fall into the Kobe hype. I did until Shaq left. Then I realized Kobe has so many flaws in game. The bottom line is Kobe has not been ballin’ consistantly for the last 3 years. Forget the 81 point game, 63 after 3 quarters, and the multiple 50+ point games. Throw that out of the window. Kobe takes too many bad shots and he will never be the best individual in today’s game until he starts to show the ability to consistantly make shots. Let me ask you a question. If Kobe is the best individually, then why can’t he get better shots? Why can’t he get to the basket more? Let say he chooses to take poor shots because he doesn’t trust his teammates. Then why when the game is on the line, he misses most of his shots. He will choose not to shoot in the 4th quarter just to prove a point. He says he is not tired. I believe the best individual player can turn the momentum of a game to favor his team consistantly. Offensively and defensively. You would agree that and individual can have an impact on defense too, right? How many big offensive rebounds did Kobe get in that Phoenix series. Kobe doesn’t do this. Kobe needs to move more with out the ball. How many games did the lakers lose after having a big lead? Too many. If you are the best individual player and a team is making a run, you crush there heart. You silence the crowd. You shine. Especially on the road. You can’t say that Kobe did this. The lakers blew so many big leads this year. It was pathetic.

    Who was the best individual player in Jordan’s prime. I believe that was Air Jordan. But he had all around game too. He had both. D-Wade has both. You can’t be the best individually if 1)you are not smart and 2) you don’t shine offensively or defensively when it counts. I didn’t see kobe get a key steal or block when Phoenix was making a run in game 1. Watch the 2004 championship series. Watch game 7 against Phoenix last year. Watch games 1, 4, and 5 against the Suns this year. I rest my case.

  9. Troy,

    Why do you say Wade hasn’t gotten his jump shot down yet. Do you watch the games? You don’t have to take a lot 3 pointers to have a great jumper. D-Wade’s game is so efficient. He knows that he shoots better from 21 to 15 feet, so those are the shots he takes and makes consistantly. Kobe needs to model his game after D-Wade and MJ. Kobe takes to many bad shots. D-Wade knows his limitations. Kobe thinks he has no limitations. This is his problem. He needs to figure out his limitation. Kobe is not exactly winning 3 point shoot outs every year or leading the league in 3 point percentage. He is not even leading the league in FG%. D-Wade has a higher FG% than Kobe. Dwayne Wades jumper is just as good as Kobe’s. But Wade makes a higher percentage of his.

  10. D-Wade isn’t even near a great shooter at all yet. He is terrible at setting up, and knocking down jump shots consistently. Kobe’s FG % is obviously not sky high, but what do you expect? He has to take most of the shots on his team, because his teammates pass the ball back to him just to watch him play.

  11. Ok!! I’m done. So you are telling me that Kobe is a great outside shooter. Ok, If Kobe is such a great outside shooter, then why doesn’t he make them more consistently down the stretch of big games? Or more consistently throughout an entire season. I’ve seen D-Wade in the 4th quarter hit shot after shot after shot from 15 to 21 feet. He may take 3 outside shots, but he will go 3 for 3. The point i’m trying to make is D-wade has serious game and he knows his limitations. He does his damage when it counts. He makes the majority of his jumpers when it counts period. That is a great jump shooter and a great player. D-Wade frees himself up better for his jumper. He passes and cuts better than Kobe. It is all about the fundamentals and Kobe doesn’t have it. If you watch the games, you would see that D-Wade has about 2-3 go to moves from 15-20 feet away. He uses them every time in the 4th quarter. I haven’t seen anyone able to stop it. And he makes a great percentage of these shots. The stats don’t lie. D-Wade is already a great shooter and he is going to get better.

    D-Wades style is more calculated while Kobe’s is more raw. This is why Kobe a lot of times is lost in the 4th quarter. MJ was the best post up 2 guard ever. He had a killer fadaway. You couldn’t block it. Kobe should be able to get the same shots MJ did in the same offense. Kobe gets punked out of the post by players like Raja Bell, when Raja his a lot smaller. Kobe needs to find a way to become a great jump shooter because looking at his stats, for a 2 guard he is just average at best. I don’t think you are watching the games man. Pay attention to the games. I’m done because I don’t think you are watching the games. Wait until D-Wade gets healthy and when he does, watch him closely and don’t listen to what the media is saying.

  12. I also wanted to add that D-Wade is not a flawless player. He turns the ball over too much. But so does Kobe. But D-Wade has just a good of a jumper than Kobe with less range. But like I said before he doesn’t have to shoot long jumpers, so he doesn’t. Kobe doesn’t have to shoot long J’s either, but he does. Even when he is not feeling it. Kobe needs to refine his game.

  13. Are you really a Lakers fan? Every time I see your comment I’m beginning to believe other-wise. You have your opinion, and I respect that, but I’ve never seen a Lakers fan hate on Kobe this much, and throw so much love on D-Wade. I’m not one to put this into perspective, but you sound more like a D-Wade fan than anything else.

    D-Wade isn’t even near as great of a shooter as Kobe. I still don’t see where you’re getting that he is. Just because that he’s proven over and over that he’s a great down-the-stretch player doesn’t mean he’s as good or as great of a shooter as Kobe is. Like I said, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I don’t see where you’re getting it from.

    By not watching the games, I hope you mean that by not watching all 82 games. I watch all of the major sports, and try to put in an equal amount of time to all of them so I can keep up with the news, and see what is happening. I’ve watched a lot of Heat games over the past couple of years, and watched a handful this year. When Shaq was down, and Wade was depended on as the leader of the Heat team, he failed, and the Heat were failing. When Wade went down in that Rockets game, from then on Shaq became the catalyst on that Heat time, and led them past the Wizards. Wade’s [questionable] decision to come back and play seemed to have hurt the chemistry, and it shown that way in the playoffs against the Bulls. When your team is in some sort of a groove, and you come back and aren’t even at 85%, you’re going to screw up the chemistry because 1.) They’re use to being able to gel without you for the moment, 2.) As you aren’t even AT LEAST 90% healthy, it’s hurting the team’s chemistry because you [the player] aren’t helping at full potential. However, that’s another post.

    Shooting long J’s, shooting short J’s. It doesn’t matter. Look at the whole shooting perspective overall, and Kobe defeats D-Wade. Bryant shoots more than Wade so again it’s obvious that Bryant is going to miss more as fatigue sets in — what player doesn’t? Oh, Wade? I’m afraid not. Wade has options in his game, and players to help free him for his openings and scoring. Look at Udonis Haslem; he can shoot a mid-range jumper precisely, and it becomes a threat when he has the ball in his hands. Once he dishes it to D-Wade, the defense has to transition in effect to covering D-Wade which leaves Haslem and Shaq some room in the post. You can say that Wade makes them better, but you have to look in a way of how they make Wade better, in both sides and through both peripherals.

  14. Well we disagree on Wade and Kobe. That’s cool. But don’t get it twisted, I’m a die hard Laker fan. That is why I’m so disappointed in Kobe. This is my team and his attitude stinks. I don’t mind the Lakers losing as long as they played hard every night and played as a team. I know they didn’t play hard every night. That falls on the leader of the team. Why don’t these guys want to fight every night and rally around their leader? Because there leader doesn’t go hard every night. It starts with defense and Kobe’s defense was horrible. Anybody who watched all 82 of the lakers games would tell you that. He made first team all D on rep alone.

    Kobe is not a very good leader and I’m convinced he is selfish. Kobe has been very inconsistent for 3 years, especially on defense and this is the reason the lakers didn’t do better. If you would of watched and payed attention to the whole season, you would know that as Kobe started to become more healthy he began to go away from the triangle more. He started to hold the ball too long. This is why his shots became more difficult as the season moved along. Anybody who knows anything about B-ball knows you need ball movement to have an effective offense. It allows everyone to feel part of the game so they also can get in a rhythm. His teammates were really never able to find a rhythm. Injuries played a part but Kobe never maintained his intensity consistently. MJ played all out for 82 games + the playoffs on offense and defense.

    In the beginning of the season Kobe played at a more fluid, pass and cut pace. I guess because he knew he couldn’t get to the rim or shoot over two or three defenders, I don’t know. I do know that his assist and field goal percentages were up. And I know that the lakers had a lot of injuries, but he began to hold the ball instead of passing and cutting. Or even posting up more. He should know how to get to the post position in the triangle. Especially if he is being mentioned in the same breath as MJ. He has been playing in it for 8 years. I’m not saying that the other guys on the team didn’t make mistakes, but when you see Kobe making just a many it is a problem.

    All Kobe tries to do is score. When Lamar went down, Kobe’s rebound average didn’t go up. His assists didn’t go up. And what you said about Kobe having to take bad shots because of his team mates is a bunch of crock. That is how I know you don’t watch the Lakers closely at all. Kobe gets the ball and holds it way too long. That is not how the triangle is designed to be ran. I ran it in high school. I don’t hate the guy. That is a strong word. I’m just disappointed in him, because he is a veteran now. He’s won championships. He would take stupid shots then too. That is one of the reason’s Shaq had a problem with Kobe and knew he wasn’t ready to be the man. Now, he should know better. You get doubled pass the ball. Why is he shooting so many long J’s over double teams? A lot of those poor shots were with plenty of time on the shot clock. It is not rocket science.

    One last thing. Why is that when Kobe had a dominate Shaq and great role players like Fox, D-Fish and Horry he couldn’t shoot over 46% for a season. Not once has he done this. But he is a great shooter. Give me a break. Oh but D-Wade has with a old shaq. Ummmm!! I wonder who is the better shooter. Just a difference in opinion.

    You talked about D-Wade losing a lot of those games when shaq was out. That is true. However, win or lose he included his teammates. He stuck to the game plan and the fundamentals. As a result, as the season went on, the team began to play better. I would rather see a team, instead of what Kobe is doing. It is not how basketball is meant to be played. And I bet Naismith is rolling over in his grave watching Kobe. lol

  15. I just remembered. If you watched the all 82 laker games you would know that Kobe during the Lakers slide after the all star break wasn’t playing very well or consistent. Then something went off and he had the 4 straight 50+ point games. They final had a 5 game winning streak. Then after that they still struggled to make the playoffs because, Kobe had a few more mediocore games after the 50+ point streak. The Laker goes as Kobe goes. He has to be more efficient. You know like Mike or like D-Wade. No more 3 or 4 games in a row were he is shooting way under 50 percent and disappearing in the 4th quarter. He has too many sub par games in a row. Kobe always seems to go unnoticed and it is always the teams fault. That is bogus. I’ve been waiting 3 years for Kobe and it is disappointing the way he is leading this team. I had confidence in him after shaq. But he has been very disappointing.

  16. Spok.

    Your last post made no sense. First of all, you say you are a die hard Laker Fan yet you have been bashing Kobe’s skills this entire time. Kobe leading the lakers to a five game win streak is not the best argument for D-wade being better than him. Stop comparing MJ to D-wade, you talk about them like they are equal when it is not even close. Sure they play similarly, but stop talking as if they are equally efficient, becuase, I’m sorry, but you are dead wrong.

    You are also ignoring MANY factors.
    1. You are saying it is Kobe’s fault that he cannot lead the Lakers to a championship. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Every other team in his conference has at least 2, and in many cases 3, all stars or future hall of famers.

    2. If anything you should blame the management for the three years you have been waiting, because they have not delivered the next player LA needs to win a championship.

    3. You are forgetting, Kobe passed A LOT, which is where most of his turnovers came from. Its funny that you call yourself a Laker fan. You are the type of fan who blames Kobe for passing to much, and then losing, and then blames him for shooting too much when they win. (which is why i cannot see how the 4 50+ games really helps your argument)

    4. Kobe’s stats in the last 2 years have been anything but disappointing. If you would honestly have D-wade in there instead of him, tell me why?? D-wade is nowhere near the same calibur defender (Kobe made NBA 1st all defense), his jumpshot is not even close to being as good (whether is is 3-pointers, fadaways, etc.). His clutch performance is pretty good, but honestly you cannot be telling me you would rather have him instead of Kobe take the last shot.

    5. D-fish and Horry and the rest of those guys have nothing to do with kobe’s percentage. The reason any of those guys got their shots at the buzzer was because Kobe was the primary target and when he was double/triple teamed he would dish it out to one of them. If he didn’t do that, he would have to shoot a very tough shot, which is where this percentage came from.


    It seems like people can only see the bad in Kobe, yet for D-wade, and Lebron for that matter, people make excuses and can only see the good. (For example, for lebron they can’t seem to see his freethrow average, but they only remember that he scored 48 points in ONE playoff game, which is not the pattern of his entire career).

    Judge the players for their SKILL.

  17. Upon reading this, I do agree with most of it. However, it would not be beyond you to revise some of your statements questioning Kobe’s leadership. The Laker’s management finally stepped up and created a well-oiled machine with Kobe being the leader. Now MJ is still, in my opinion, the best of all time; however, Kobe is rapidly approaching to claim that position.

  18. I still question Kobe’s leadership. Especially during last Summer when he publicly called out his own team and the front office. Now, after this season, it’s all of a sudden fine and dandy. I’m sorry, but what a hack he is!

  19. How good would MJ be if he had Shaq-daddy instead of Bill Cartwright? Do you think MJ would get away with taking 30-40 shots each night? Do you think he would be the go-to guy when you have the most dominant player the NBA has ever known sitting right underneath the basket? How many scoring titles, MVPs and even NBA titles would he have if he had to share the limelight with O’Neal? Kobe was 18, brash and bold. He wanted to make a name for himself but he couldn’t. He tried – but that just made the public dislike him even more. Jordan is the greatest – but there is no one (never has been) a better player in the league that can compare to MJ’s skills better than Kobe. Period

  20. MJ’s fundamentals and understanding of basketball is far better. He has all the spectacular shots Kobe has, but he can get like 80% of his points of mid-range jump shot coming off screens, little step-back jumpers, turn-around jumpers, cutting into the lane catching a pass for a layup, etc. He can save the energy to pull off the spectacular when needed as well as use the energy on defense.

    Kobe – when he’s on, he’s making all those tough off balance long 3s and twisting jump shots. It’s great to watch and he is really an exceptional talent, but you cannot play consistently this way.

    If you look at some old game tapes and watch carefully, watch how simple MJ makes the game look, for himself and also for his teammate, you’ll appreciate how much better he is over Kobe.

  21. comments are formed from one’s opinion and whoever makes them are entitled to do so but all that needs to be said is that in life there is always room for improvement no one turns great overnight… with that being said 2009 Champions the LOS ANGELES LAKERS… Kobe got his ring w/o shaq not that he really needed him…and kobe is a phenomenal player as well as a leader….

  22. Where is TROY now? Did you learn your lesson Troy? What was that lesson? You don’t understand basketball at all, if you did, you wouldn’t have walked into the same generational clap trap that every fan falls for when they start watching the NBA. They think their generation of players are some how more special that current players. I remember Oscar,Wilt, Russell, Clyde and Clutch fans saying they were better than Kareem and DrJ and Walton. I remember Hondo, Kareem, Dr. J and Gervin fans saying they were better than Larry and Magic. Larry and Magic fans are the first to say that Jordan was no big deal when you consider he won his championships during the most watered down era in NBA history (6 expansion teams in 8 years). And now? Low and beyond, we have fans who came of age in the 90’s claiming Jordan is the GOAT and better than Kobe. Yeah right, real original there junior.

    The first clue should have been when Jordan wasn’t good enough to jump to the NBA from high school like Kobe. What did the 90’s apologists say? “Well, perimeter players didn’t jump to the NBA back then.” That should have been your FIRST CLUE! The minute you start hearing the “excuses” the table is getting set for more to follow. Who did Kobe have to compete with for starting time on the Lakers? That’s right. Eddie Jones, and Nick VanE. Both were NBA all stars during Kobe’s early years with the Lakers. Did Jordan have any NBA all stars to compete with at the perimeter? Gervin was old and no longer an allstar. Jordan didn’t have competition for playing time at Chicago. Whatever happened to those two (Nick and Eddie)? That’s right, Kobe rendered them “excess baggage.” You see, Shaq didn’t win a thing before playing with Kobe. He played with Penny, Nick ,and Eddie…ALL STARS…no title. It wasn’t until Kobe and Shaq learned to play together did Shaq get a ring.

    Shaq was the leader? Are you sure? That’s not what I saw. I saw Shaq as the number one “scoring option.” That doesn’t make him the leader of the Lakers. You see Troy, your generation of basketball fans keeps making that same mistake: “He who leads the team in scoring, is the leader.” Kareem was the Lakers #1 scoring option, not Magic. Does that mean Magic wasn’t a leader? OOPS! Don’t be too hard on yourself, media reeled you in, and I blame myself for not warning you tots about hype.

    Besides, didn’t Dr Buss end all doubt as to who was the REAL leader of the Lakers? Now it’s 2009. Kobe has done something that SHAQ and TIM DUNCAN have failed to do; represent in the finals in back to back seasons. Shaq has never done that without Kobe. Kobe has done it without Shaq. TimmyD has never done it PERIOD. Kobe didn’t have a WADE, NASH, AMARE as teammates either when he did it. All three First Team ALL NBA at one point in their careers. Nash? Two time MVP.

    Jordan never took a team to the playoffs with as little talent around him as Kobe did in 2006. Jordan never went to the finals with as little supporting talent as Kobe did in 2008 AND 2009.

    The problem with fans who came of age in the 90’s. They lacked the skill to put Jordan in proper perspective of that era.

    Sorry Troy. You’re just like all the other homers who think their coming of age era was unique and special. Are you still ready close the book with your “facts” about that MJ and Kobe comparison? Kobe taught you a basketball lesson; don’t write his chapter until his playing days are finished. Jordan maybe great, but he isn’t the only one that’s great. He has NOTHING on Kobe.

  23. Kobe can dominate the entire opposing team easily if he wants to.. just like that. The only player to ever come close to Jordan is Kobe. Haters go away. He will get as many rings as Jordan soon.

  24. Too bad Kobe is a selfish piece of shit who wants nothing more than what he can acquire for himself. Today’s NBA is a mechanism for self-centered punks who come from “OHH EWWW NOTHIN'” to make ‘names’ for themselves in a negative light.

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