Don’t be scared to check out my additional blog, called RamsBlog. It’s a blog focused on the St. Louis Rams, and their team. Since I love them, I felt a huge caring nostalgia come upon me that said, “you know what, Troy? Create a Rams blog!” So I decided to! So if you come upon it, and see the same article here, it’s from the same guy (yours truly – myself.) Feel free to comment on RamsBlog anytime you’d like, and I will hit you back with one as well. Once again, thanks to all of those who have been reading my blog. I haven’t had the time to completely fill it up yet, but I’m getting there! Slowly but surely, step by step. I appreciated the sole comment I got on the MJ vs. Bird article by Steve. This article is just a heads up that I also have another blog called RamsBlog. Here is the link if you are interested in reading/commenting/discussing:

Click Here!


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