What more do you want? It’s March, we have College Basketball. Is it mad? Yes, is it crazy? Yes. But however, think about it: What good would March Madness be without the great Dick Vitale? Seriously, most of you probably think he’s just another annoying color commentator on there that needs a nice, good, warm, and hearty cup of S-T-F-U, but think about it: The guy is turning (I believe) 68 later this year, he’s still in the commentating booth down on the sidelines, kicking it strong with either his good buddy/ies Dan Schulman, or Mike Patrick. Give the guy some props for still going strong down there running the commentary, still yelling his lungs out on the mic, yelling “baby!” every time he gets that oozie-boozie feeling his gut. He’s Dickie V, Dick Vitale. You may think you hate the guy, but deep down, you love the guy, because he is one of the stimulating factors of what makes college basketball great, baby! He’s a real PTC’er; Prime Time Commentator, baby! (Maybe too many baby’s, but that’s besides the point!)

Since this blog is a real diper dandy, and is spelt “Awesome” with a capital “A”, I had to really include something about Dick Vitale in here. Since it is March, like I mentioned, and it’s (probably) the best time of the year besides Christmas (except in March, you don’t have relatives driving you nuts, so you’re free to watch college basketball, baby), I just wanted to make a full, all-out article on here, just about March and it’s madness with a little Dick Vitale in the cooler as the one-two punch. Maybe an appreciation article, huh? Well it’s time to kick into Q.T. (Dick Vitale dictionary definition: quality time) gear, and rock this article out. Maybe a little basketball predictions from yours truly.

Pittsburgh defeated everyone’s ever-so-loved VCU Rams earlier this evening. What does that mean? Well, they moved on to the Sweet 16. At the time, their future opponent was pending. Between who? Indiana and UCLA. Indiana made a run late in the game, being down for the most part; however, UCLA was just too much as they forced a turnover late in the game, knocked down some free throws, and sealed the game tightly like a zip-lock bag. We have UCLA and Pittsburgh. Collisson, Lee Gray, Graves.. all competing for their respective team’s season. However, UCLA has had the benefit of the doubt of being able to play in California for the tourney, and this upcoming game will be no different. This game will be in Sacramento, the heart (maybe not so much) and capital of California, which gives a big edge to UCLA in terms of being familiar with the surroundings, and definitely the fans. However, watch out for Pittsburgh, and their 3-game. If you can contain them from 3-land, and force Gray into big-time foul trouble in the paint, you have a good chance at winning. UCLA wins this one, and advances. Mark it down, baby.


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