Taking a break from all of the madness that is March Madness, there was a debate on RealGM between the most underrated and overrated players. My list went by David Eckstein being underrated, and Alex Rodriguez being overrated. I was quoted with these two replies:

“Just look at Alex Rodriguez stats he’s definitly not overrated. Last years stats were supparb, but people thought he had an off year because of the expectations people had for him. I hear a lot of praises for David Ecksteing I have no clue why, that’s why i consider him to be an ovverated player aswell.”

“Whoever says Alex Rodriguez is overrated is probably just chafing at the amount of press he gets because of his oft-documented “slumps”. I think he’s a fine player, I’d love for him to replace Edgar Renteria right now.”

Yet you guys don’t even mention the fact that Eckstein came up for his respective team in the World Series, and fail to acknowledge much of that. I’m sure you guys are New York Yankees haters just like I am, but just because I mention a disliking towards a Yankees players that states constructive criticism and facts doesn’t mean I’m biased when it comes to that matter, and doesn’t mean you should reply that way. Why? Because you’re going to get shown up in a few minutes just on that. Here is my explanation to you two on why Alex Rodriguez is one of the most overrated players in the MLB:

He didn’t live up to expectations as he should have. He made so many errors, I don’t even feel like looking up stats for. He had an off-year compared to others, and his defense was just so terrible that it was hard to look over. I don’t think he belongs on the Yankees (should be elsewhere.) He was just so unable to culminate meeting those statistics that he should have reached. I think if he was playing for more of a small-city team, his stats would blister back up. It seems to me that he can’t take much criticism, and New York has been the toughest place to play for him. He needs to consider some of those factors, and it looks like he will be traded succeeding the 2007 New York Yankees season if they can’t reason a way to muster up a decent chemistry this season, he’s long gone from New York unless he goes the few miles to play in Shea Stadium in a Mets uniform. He’s a great player, and I just now acknowledged that, but I’m going to keep him in my overrated column of side until he can prove his worth as a Yankee this upcoming season by not looking mediocre out on the field defensively. He had a dropoff of 13 less homeruns than he did in his MVP campaign in 2005, from 48 to 35. Also, he had his lowest at bat amounts since his final season with the Seattle Mariners in 2000. Another stat for you: he had 24 errors — that’s the most he’s had since his young days of 1997 matching the high title of 24, as last year he didn’t have any (any as ESPN.com says on his player page.) Like I said (just going to be repetitive for you, for a second or some), he’s a great player, but he’s just overrated in my mind. It’s too mind boggling on how he didn’t even come close to meeting the expectations he was put out for in 2006. He should have done a lot better. The media put the pressure on him, and he shown that he couldn’t handle it.

As for David Eckstein, what do you mean you do not understand the praise he’s getting? He came up huge in the World Series by being a coherent attribute on why we won the World Series. There’s some sort of kidney disease that runs in his family by heredity, and I don’t believe he has it, but still yet, it’s great to see him out there playing in the Majors, living his dream, even though there’s a big chance he’ll have that disease one of these days. It’s just a great accomplishment for him to be out there, to win the Series again (after he did in 2002 with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.) I think that it’s not only great for him, but his family also. He’s one hell of a player to be at such a short height, yet playing with a large heart, quick speed, and great defense. He’s truly underrated in my eyes from those aspects, and he’s only been getting praise for the aspect that the Cardinals won the World Series. Other than that, he hasn’t gotten much respect from any media outside of St. Louis or Los Angeles (that’s a sure fact.)


5 thoughts on “MLB: Who is underrated and overrated..

  1. Come on man are you serious ? You are comparing David Eckstein to A-Rod ?

    Look I am a Red Sox fan so this may shock you but A-Rod is not overrated he may possibly go down as one of if not the best player to play the game. Didn’t live up to the hype ? Lets be real here if he wasn’t in a Yankee’s uniform we would not even be having this conversation. His numbers speak for themselves even in an off year.

    As for Eckstein the guy hustles I’ll give him that and he is a nice guy but honestly your telling me you would take him over A-Rod at short ? The only reason anyone even knows who he is , mainly because he looks like he is 12 playing in the majors. Please don’t be a typical Cards fan on this because you have one good player and thats Puljos. How many of the position players on the Cardinals would even be starters on other teams ?

  2. You’re completely missing the point. I’m not comparing Eckstein to Rodriguez, or else I would take A-Rod due to his career history of being able to make defensive plays. However, this past season, A-Rod didn’t live up to the hype or the expectations. He carried his motivation on all of the New York Yankees’ fans’ shoulders. He cares a lot about them, and he wants them to love him, am I right? He made a lot of mistakes last year, while being very streaky.

    In my article, I felt a need to point out that David Eckstein has a sense of being underrated. While he is definitely not even a Top 5 SS in the league, I think he’s under the radar on most baseball expert’s books thanks to the man wearing the #5 jersey, Albert Pujols. However, I thought I would include some of my thoughts on Rodriguez. In no way at all was I comparing them. I was just giving my observations of why I think Eckstein is an underrated MLB player, and why I think Rodriguez is an overrated MLB player. However, for A-Rod, it’s really depending on how he holds up this year (which I’m sure that you and I both are hoping terribly.)

    And may I correct you on one thing? We have two great players in one not only being Albert Pujols, but don’t forget a former Cy Young winner, I think his name is Chris Carpenter? Sadly, he’s our only dependable pitcher this year since we have a terrible rotation as it seems having to move Looper into the whole flipside of it since Mulder is out. I’m really questioning our ability to make the playoffs this upcoming year due to the Central getting a little bit stronger. All bias aside, I’m still not sold on the Cubs, because they have questions surrounding all of them, and one player (Soriano, possibly Lee? Maybe Aramis (sp?) Ramirez?) can only do so much for so long, because you and I both know – in baseball, it takes an effort to make a run ot the playoffs.

    Anyhow, I think you pretty much mistakenly misinterpreted the article. Not sure if you actually do disagree with me on the actual article I was intending to write or what. As stated, I do think Rodriguez is an amazing player, and is under big fire up in New York, but I thought he could have played a lot better in the end result. If he can learn some moral there in New York, and really set ground without being scared to strike out next year in fear that the fans will completely reject him, then he should be fine.

  3. Ok you are right I missed the point of the article ( good writing by the way ) . Personally I think Carpenter is just ok . Don’t get me wrong he is a top of the line starter no doubt but I think his main problem is getting out of the first 2 innings. If he gets runners on early and continues to struggle he starts to break down mentally. Then again that all could be a mute point when the team is winning and thats the ultimate goal.

    I think the Cubs are a dangerous team you’re right Ramirez , Lee and Soriano can’t do it all. I think there biggest question is the pitching as usual. I honestly think this is the decision year on Wood and Prior they can’t wait any longer on these guys to be injury free. Bringing in Lilly was a band aid at most. If they resign Zambrano will they have the money left to go get another top of the line starter is the big question going into the season for them next year . If they do sign him and don’t have the cash who do they use for trade bait ?

    Anyways I like your blog man I have another blog but this word press one is gonna be dedicated to sports as much as possible. This season is definitely gonna be interesting lots of questions all around.

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